Good news if you're a paying G+ user, new features coming your way

Well folks the days of free social networking are officially over, they once existed here on G+ as a pipe dream but Google have since wisened up to the fact that the value of free users (or "consumers" as they call us) is not worth investing into. If your company is willing to part up with lots of cash every month that's a different story, and if you're a capitalist that's only logical but I thought Google was better than this, clearly I was mistaken.

So +G Suite users enjoy your headings and organised tags and all sorts of new features us "consumers" have been asking for for years, hopefully they make your G+ experience enjoyable for many years to come…

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Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features – TechCrunch

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  1. ivan braginsky

    +Enigma Mystery da I know we need to protect that too don't lose hope once we put more demorats in the government the tirny of the president would come to an end hopefully that would stop trump for being a dictator who's trying to take away our freedom of speech the freedom of expression and other stuff like this

  2. rg2027x
    rg2027x says:

    +ivan braginsky I agree, it's important to try..not just give up. Better than not doing anything. Corporations usually end up doing as they please, regardless tho..With little care for the users who got them there. But the hope is to appeal to someone in the ranks with a conscience..and sense of humanity, to evoke change..There's always a chance. I like this site way too much and would be heavily bummed in a MAJOR way, to see it go.. It's really the only worthwhile social media anymore in a wasteland of clones, in my opinion. G+ feels like home compared to the others.

  3. ivan braginsky

    +Mia D I have one word to say midterms = firing the Republicans who are supporting this companies from doing this this should not be in the middle of politics at all like come on this is isn't democracy anymore this is the work of a dictator a racist money crazed dictator

  4. ivan braginsky

    +rg2027x I totally I agree with u and we should stop corruption here and now doing nothing Is not a choice this is our freedom being messed with and we are going to put our foot down we are the bosses of them we control them they don't control us we need to fight for our rights we always been doing that sense 1776

  5. ivan braginsky

    +Enigma Mystery we should be outraged but we should do something with that anger we should stop this corruption and make this country great by bringing back freedom and acceptance no hate only love and hate to the corruption that is bringing this country to their knees this is hurting our country

  6. lance allison

    Yes but only available to fat cat fat arsed businessmen, As soon as us plebs who stuck with G+ through thick and thin leave I hope with all my heart that G+ crashes and burns.

  7. Mia D
    Mia D says:

    +Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith if you love g+, you will NOT like pluspora… it is very isolatedly depressing, antisocial and not easy to navigate at all!!! It's menu options are not straightforward. I am a self-taught computer builder of 15 years ago and consider myself to be a quick study… pluspora wasted 3 hours of my time and caused me a migraine….
    MeWe is closest to g+ with the exception of not posting publicly but will by this years end

  8. Snow Bunneh (Karry)

    This whole article feels like condescending trash. Those free users influence investors directly and indirectly. Google is shooting itself in the foot with the people who like this sight. Just like it shot itself forcing youtubers to use google plus in the first place.

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