Author: Jean-Loup

Clustered Together

Another week gone, another flower to my collection. I still don’t quite know why I like fuchsias quite so much. Perhaps it’s their wide variety of colours, or their attractiveness to pollinators, or maybe it’s just that they’re quite ephemeral once they’ve bloomed. It could also be because they’re a challenge to spell but that’s true for many flowers.

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Where do we go now?

This is the first of weekly posts written directly on this site to replace my weekly #floralfriday posts over on Google Plus. If you’re not familiar with the theme it’s as simple as it sounds: Post a flower picture every Friday. The idea on Google Plus was curated for a long time between 4 users: Eustace James, Beth Akerman, Kiki Nelson and Tamara Pruessner. Most of them have left now, especially as Google Plus is slowly getting close to shutting down.

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