Wait what?? +Netflix is producing a #SaintSeiya reboot??

Wait what?? +Netflix is producing a #SaintSeiya reboot??

So I realise most of you won’t have heard of this show but this is what I grew up on and thus there’s a fair amount of nostalgia attached to it.

The show has never properly been released in English, they tried to about a decade or so ago but it was so heavily edited that I don’t think it ever went very far.

Now the original animated series consists of 4 main arks, 3 of which are a direct adaptation of the manga:
– Sanctuary (73 episodes themselves breakable into 4 major sub arks: Cosmic tournament, Black Saints, Silver Saints and Gold Saints and the crossing of the 12 houses)
– Asgard (26 episodes, a heavily modified short story from the manga called “Blue Warriors”)
– Poseidon (15 episodes)
– Hades (31 episodes released much later than the original anime which ran from 87 to 89, this ran from 02 to 08)

So far the trailer seem to cover just the Black Saints and the theft of the gold cloth of Sagittarius but there’s no sign of the tournament and they’re wearing their 2nd generation cloth. They also seem to have taken a clue from the Legend of Sanctuary movie that came out in 2014 with how their cloth is stored which I think is a shame.

Finally they seem to have Shun voiced by a woman, he’s always been androgynous but I hope he remains male if nothing else to remain consistent with the rules about the wearing of masks.

Overall I am a little skeptical and hope a Japanese version will be available, watching it in English is just weird. But hey maybe it’ll give a boost to the merchandise sales which has been dwindling over the past few years.

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