Google+ "sunset" brought forward to April

So apparently an update released last month, after the initial reveal that there was code which could have caused a potential data breach, uncovered more flaws in the API which could let developers see more data about users than they really should.

Honestly, if I was cynical (which I very much am) I'd say they coded the flaw on purpose to shut down Google+ sooner and its users and their data be damned, it's all been compromised anyway.

At this point I'm no longer angry at the place shutting down, I've already started making plans towards going somewhere else, I'm more pissed off that their management and development teams are so incompetent they would bring about such a stupid update. I'm fairly certain this whole debacle was a very deliberate plot to completely sabotage the product to a point where there was no choice but to get rid of it.

Let's be clear here, there's been no leadership behind the product ever since +Vic Gundotra left in 2014. The management team changed every 6 months and brought a new "vision" with them every time which effectively completely halted what should have been progressive development, user growth, spam prevention and so on. I'm sure there are still a handful of developers who still believe in the product but my guess is, however many were assigned on the product, for most it was just a boring maintenance job of keeping things alive until the decision was finally made to put it out of its misery.

I've said it before but this whole debacle has seriously hurt the faith and admiration I once had for +Google as a company. Every memo, release and announcement regardless of the product is always tainted with suspicion that after 20 years as a company they mostly don't really know what they're doing outside of building a search algorithm. Certainly people isn't something they've sussed out yet.

But since they're "expediting" the shutdown, I think I will also expedite my own retirement from G+. I have a few things to set in motion first but I'd say as far as I'm concerned this is now a matter of weeks before I stop posting entirely.

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Expediting changes to Google+

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