Where do we go now?

This is the first of weekly posts written directly on this site to replace my weekly #floralfriday posts over on Google Plus. If you’re not familiar with the theme it’s as simple as it sounds: Post a flower picture every Friday. The idea on Google Plus was curated for a long time between 4 users: Eustace James, Beth Akerman, Kiki Nelson and Tamara Pruessner. Most of them have left now, especially as Google Plus is slowly getting close to shutting down.

I have used this post as a way to reflect of the week past in some form or another. I’m no botanist so I won’t post a pretty flower picture and accompany it with some scientific information so instead you get a slice of life, whatever that ends up looking like. This week was back to work after the Christmas holidays and it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park so I’m grateful for some time off ahead.

If you’re reading this, I hope this small flower brings you a little joy and that your weekend will be beautiful as well.

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